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Private/Visiting class


You can choose the class time, date, Textbook, the areas and the contents that you want to study


We will match you with a Korean teacher who can speak his/her native language..


you can study korean just with your friends
1:1 1:2 1:3

Number of students Private class Visiting class
1 Student 48,000won/hour
(60 minutes)
2 Student 36,000won/hour
(60minutes): each person
43,000won/ hour
(60minutes): each person
3 Student 30,000won/hour
(60minutes) : each person
(60minutes) : each person
Entrance Fee 20,000won (One time payment at the time of registration)
  • If you need to change or cancel a scheduled class, you must give the teacher at least one day’s notice, no later than 6pm the day before class.
    If you give notice any later than that, you must pay for the cancelled class in full.
  • For visiting lecture class the minimum class length is 1.5 hours
  • For locations outside of Seoul or can’t go by public transportation, students must also pay for transportation costs.

Choose area to focus on (All other classes are available)

Class for overseas Korean/Foreigners who have learned Korean only in daily lives

Survival/Travel Korean

Naturalization test prep



Business Korean




Overseas Korean/ Foreigners who have learned Korean only in daily lives


  • Have a lack of speaking and writing skills compared to listening, many spelling errors
  • Can’t use affix (like eun, neun) properly
  • Difficulties transforming the basic forms of the verbs, adjectives
  • Awkward in speaking with the connection of two sentences together
  • Speak Korean impolitely because you don’t know how to use the honorific words
  • Don’t know the Chinese letters and high ranked vocabulary

Level test examples

[Those can’t solve the problems though they attend the advanced classes because they are lacking in the basic skills, you need the method of Seoul Korean Academy]

Learning contents

Elementary & Secondary Students

You can learn speaking and writing merrily with playing games

Middle high school Students

What we do is we check your basic skills thoroughly, do correction and error of your grammar, and focus on the improvement of your writing and reading skills. It is possible to counsel for studying at the University in Korea where you can learn how to Fill out application forms, study TOPIK and interview for a special matriculation.

Adults & Foreigners who have learned Korean only in daily lives

We help you to correct your basic Korean skills which you use only in your daily life and improve your writing and reading in a short period. You can speak, read and write with the accurate grammar.

Survival/ Travel Korean

  • This class is for who want to study Travel Korean
  • Contents: There would be rapid learning, practicing useful expressions in a life situation.
  • Learners may decide for themselves the term of study and time, and form their own schedule.

Naturalization test prep

The person who want to take a naturalization test writing / interview

Step 1 study Korean culture, history, politics, economy
Step 2 Solve the previous tests
Step 3 Memorize a list of expected questions for the exam and answers
Step 4 Practice simulation tests and interview

Sample of hand out

“Passing the exam” epilogue

passed student 2013naturalization test

Last year, I studied Korean alone and took a naturalization test, but I failed. So, I decided to study in the institute. I passed the test because I had various imaginary interviews and simulation tests. I memorized a list of expected questions for the exam that my teacher made, I really appreciated that. After passing the exam, I still studied in the normal class.

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