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We will book accommodation for free.

One-room(Studio apartment )

  • Each room has a bed, desk, refrigerator, air-conditioner, personal kitchen, internet, etc.
  • You can have your own personal space


Cheaper than a one-room apartment
You can use a communal kitchen (kimchi, rice, and basic side-dishes provided), and communal laundry room

  • Communal heating system (the heater and air-conditioner controlled by  Mini studio apartment  staff)
  • One front door entrance (go through the front entrance to get to your room)


  • Live with a Korean family and experience what a Korean family is like
  • 2 meals a day provided (follow times and rules)
  • Do language exchange with the Korean family (improve your Korean by talking in Korean with your host family)
  • For young people who need extra care

Residence hotel

It is convenient. but It’s Expensive.

Share House

  • Learn not only Korean, but also Korean culture.
  • Live in the same house as Koreans but get your own personal room
  • A front entrance (go through the front entrance to get into your room)
  • Use a communal kitchen with other Koreans
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