Telephone / Mobile class

맞춤형 학습 프로그램과 최고의 강사진이 있는 국내 최고의 초대형 전문 어학원입니다.

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[Special class] Telephone / Mobile class

You can study Korean through the telephone or the mobile application at any time you want.

Tuition fees are billed by the hour (48,000 won/60 minutes)


Telephone / Mobile class

Textbook Textbook of Seoul Korean academy
[We provide you pdf text book file. You can read it on the pc or mobile]
Tuition fee 54,000won / 60minutes
Characteristics You can study with qualified teachers who are working in this institute.
We had so much experience that we made ourselves Textbooks for studying with telephones.

Applying for free trial class

  • Tel : 02-563-3226 (from overseas +82 2-563-3226)
  • PC/mobile : kakao, Line, wechat, facebook, SKYPE ID:teachingkorean
  • Whats app :HP+ 82 2 10 9088 9721
  • email :