Naturalization test prep

맞춤형 학습 프로그램과 최고의 강사진이 있는 국내 최고의 초대형 전문 어학원입니다.

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[Special class] Naturalization test prep

The person who want to take a naturalization test writing / interview

Learners may decide for themselves the term of study and time, and form


Class contents


Textbook by Seoul Korean academy
  • sample of hand out

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  • "Passing the exam" epilogue

    passed student 2013naturalization test
    Last year, I studied Korean alone and took a naturalization test, but I failed. So, I decided to study in the institute. I passed the test because I had various imaginary interviews and simulation tests. I memorized a list of expected questions for the exam that my teacher made, I really appreciated that. After passing the exam, I still studied in the normal class.
Tuition fee
Number of students private class visiting class
1Student 44,000won/hour(60 minutes) 54,000won/hour(60minutes)
2students 33,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person 40,000won/ hour(60minutes) : each person
3students 28,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person 32,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person
Entrance Fee 20,000won (One time payment at the time of registration)