Writing correction

맞춤형 학습 프로그램과 최고의 강사진이 있는 국내 최고의 초대형 전문 어학원입니다.

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[Special class] Writing correction

people who need to write an e-mail, documents, an essay, take tests etc, it will be possible for you to write easy to difficult writing with the Textbooks.

Learners may decide for themselves the term of study and time, and form their own schedule.


on-line correct composition

After you study composition on-line, and then write at [homepage>TOPIK>correct composition] your teacher will correct and explain.

Correct composition link


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Textbook of Seoul Korean academy

Tuition fee

Number of students private class visiting class
1Student 44,000won/hour(60 minutes) 54,000won/hour(60minutes)
2students 33,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person 40,000won/ hour(60minutes) : each person
3students 28,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person 32,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person
Entrance Fee 20,000won (One time payment at the time of registration)