Our specialties

맞춤형 학습 프로그램과 최고의 강사진이 있는 국내 최고의 초대형 전문 어학원입니다.

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We are authorized from ministry of Education.

Gangnam and Jongno campus are authorized from ministry of Education, specialized Korean language institute. MORE

Best locations

Gangam campus: (line2,DX Line) Gangnam station 1min, (line9) Sinnonhyeon Station 8min
/ Jongno campus: (Line 1) Jonggak Station 3min

Best system

- Before registering, you may sit in and observe an hour of class. Free level test

- If you miss class, you can make up classes at a different time or day than your regularly-scheduled class. within the month that you missed class.

Students from various countries

You can make friends with students from all over the world from various countries.

A conversation course done in small groups(average4~5, maximum9)

In other university language schools, there would be many students in each class that the students won't have the opportunity to practice Korean, however, you can speak a lot in this academy.

various class time time table

We provide many kinds of class schedules such as morning, afternoon, evening, and on the weekends.

Specifically divided 13 levels about levels

There are 13 levels; they are divided specifically so each student can find their own level.

A qualified systematic curriculum : since 1999

Where no other new institutes can copy our institute. This is because we have numerous teaching experiences, special curriculums and teaching methods.

We trained the teachers strictly and we have targeted education.

All the teachers who work in Seoul Korean Academy must receive teachers training.

As well the director has taught Korean for 26 years. Our teachers would study and then be required to hand-in, plan, check and correct their syllabus every week. They choose the best method to teach their students.

We have confidence that we are the best in teaching Korean. You can't compare the other classes which only use the Textbooks while they are teaching Korean.

Every class has its' homeroom teacher

They can counsel each student. The teachers have responsibilities for their classes. After class, the teachers Fill in the evaluation sheet and give feedback to the students.

Open a class room for self study and lounge, Free wireless internet service

Free reservation of accommodation / We can accept TOPIK for free

We give you counselling to have better life in Korea.