Tuition fee

맞춤형 학습 프로그램과 최고의 강사진이 있는 국내 최고의 초대형 전문 어학원입니다.

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Entrance Fees 20,000won (Payment made for those registering at the Institute for the first time.)
Textbook Fees - Textbook : 20,000won~25,000won for each level (Level 1 - Level 6)
- Workbook : 9,000won~11,000won for each level (Level 1 - Level 6)
Regular conversation class
Class Mon~Fri
Mon, Wed, Fri
Tues Thurs
Saturday Intensive Class
1day (3hours)
Total Study
hours / month
40hours/month 24hours/month 16hours/month 12hours/month
Tuition fee
440,000won 330,000won 240,000won 180,000won
Regular Topik class Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced
Day MON,WED / THU / THUR Saturday
Study hours / month 16hours/month 12hours/month
Tuition 240,000won 200,000won
Regular Business Korean class
Day Wednesday 1day
Study hours / month 8 hours/month
Tuition fee 160,000won
Private / visiting lesson
Number of students private class visiting class
1Student 44,000won/hour(60 minutes) 54,000won/hour(60minutes)
2students 33,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person 40,000won/ hour(60minutes) : each person
3students 28,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person 32,000won/hour(60minutes) : each person
Short-term Intensive Program
All-inclusive fee (includes application fee, books, and tuition): 500,000 won
*option fees are not included.
Overseas Korean
Ages Elementary & Secondary Students Middle & High school Students
Tuition 620,000won 500,000won
Payment of Tuition Fees
Direct Pay You or someone on your behalf may visit the Institute and make the payment in cash or credit card
On-line bank system Woori Bank 1005-201-140965
Account Holder Kim Jin-Ae / 서울 한국어 아카데미 학원
Swift Code : HVBKKRSE