Tuition support for workers

맞춤형 학습 프로그램과 최고의 강사진이 있는 국내 최고의 초대형 전문 어학원입니다.

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Are you workers? You can have support for your
tuition up to 90,000 Won

Tuition support for workers

It's a system that the regular workers study with his own expense, then, if he attends over 80% of his class, the Ministry of Labor returns the amount of reimbursement.

Reimbursement amount per class hours
  20hours 40hours
permanent employee 45,000won 90,000won
temporary employees 54,000won 108,000won
supported employee

Tell us your Foreign Registration Number We will verify if you are a targeted one to support or not. (it is available to consult in English, Chinese and Japanese)

  • Tel : 02-563-3226
  • email :
  • PC/mobile : ID : teachingkorean / Whats app :+82-10-9088-9721
supported class / tuition fee
  tuition fee permanent employee temporary employees
refund amount student's allotment refund amount student's allotment
5day M~F Regular
conversation class
400,000 - 90,000 310,000 - 108,000 292,000
3day M,W,F Regular
conversation class
300,000 - 45,000 255,000 - 54,000 246,000
2day Tue,Thur Regular
conversation class
210,000 - 36,000 174,000 - 43,200 166,800
Saturday Regular
conversation class
320,000 (2months) - 45,000 275,000
(you have to register 2months)
- 54,000 266,000
(you have to register 2months)
Business Korean 200,000 (2months) - 36,000 164,000
(you have to register 2months)
- 43,200 156,800
(you have to register 2months)
Topik Tue,Thur/
Mon ,Wed class
220,000 - 36,000 184,000 - 43,200 176,800
  • Enrollment (five days before the starting date) : Workers complete the application process (Temporary workers should hand in a copy of the contract until the opening day of the class)
  • Payment :
    • Card payments - After payment, statement of card items (online printable), submission (cannot provide card statement)
      *Tuition payment is possible only by credit card with your name on. (not corporation card)
    • Deposit bank account - The first page after the payment account (name, account number) and copy and submit the history section
      *Only your bank account is possible
  • Attend the class : We check every class attendance (admission / departure)
  • Confirming of completion : You should attend the class more than 80 percent completed, and you can get the supported money.
  • We will transfer the refund money to your bank account after checking your bank account (it takes approximately 60 days after the class ends)
  • Five days before the start date of each month is applied(Not possible on the opening day of class)
  • Credit card payment is only possible with your own named credit card (not possible to use corporation card.)
  • Temporary workers should hand in a copy of the labor contraction until the opening day of the class.
  • You should attend more than 80 percent completed, and you can get the supported money.
  • Attendance is thoroughly managed, if you are tardy, leave early, go out three times, that regards as one absent.
  • Workers, after enrollment courses are taken, they can't change the subject and the time schedule (it's possible if you give up the supported money)
  • Tuition support for workers can be 1 million won per year / up to 3 million won for five years.