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제목 fitting model
작성자SJ  sjkang@descente.co.kr 작성일2017-01-17 조회수358

I'm looking for a foreign model as a part-time job only for one day.

1. A woman who are from the Americas or Europe.
: We prefer the age group from twenties and thirties.
: Any people will be ok who wear the medium size of any global brands and have a standard body size.
  Pls, see the below size. (we will cosider the allowances.)  
Global Model Body Size: Height(Cm)-168-170, Weight(Kg)-58, Chest(Cm)-86-88 (Medium)

2. Fee and Date (these can be adjusted)
: Fee - 120,000KRW (including tax)
: Date - 2016.1. 23 (1:30-4:30 pm)

3. Fitting style
: 10 style (you have to wear the tight clothes like a bratop and leggings) 

If you have any interests, pls feel free to contact to me. I'll let you know the details about the specific contract.

e/mail: sjkang@descente.co.kr
phone: 010-9037-4329


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